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Posted by ADVENTUR on Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Alaska Adventure Travel - Did you know that the Alaska coastline is larger than the entire coastline of the lower United States? Alaska adventure travel is some of the best in the world. You will have to forgo some modern amenities at times but, if your looking for untapped wilderness Alaska is the place to visit.

You will find the forest along the entire coastline that is why most of the population lives along the coastal region where things will grow and travel by boat or seaplane is available. The glaciers, wildlife that abounds and crystal clear air to breath make the trip worth the time it will take to get there. Some of the things you will want to see on your Alaska adventure will be discussed in this article, I would have to write a book to help you discover the entire state.

Everyone these days is concerned with the melting of the glaciers around the world and the rise in sea levels. Glaciers have their own kind of natural beauty, sculpted by the freeze and thaw an artist could not sculpt a piece so beautiful, upon close inspection.

John Muir named the Mendenhall Glacier. He realized the significance of the place and so did the National Park Service Mendenhall Glacier is located including the glacier as part of the Tongass National Park.

A visit to the Mendenhall Glacier will help you to discover that glaciers are alive. Just a quarter of a mile hike from the visitors center you will see the power of water and view a five story waterfall at the glacier head water. You will need to put the park and the glacier on you places to see when you Alaska adventure travel.

Seward Alaska is a great home base voted number one travel destination in the US by travel advisor for 2010. It actually has a certain charm about it and gives you access to all that you adventure travel for access to wilderness, easy access to ships to take you to the Kanai Fjord, glaciers, scenic beauty and friendly natives who don't mind telling a visitor their favorite spots.

Kenai Fjords National Park can easily be reached from Seward you can land in Anchorage and take a train to Seward. Upon your arrival you will be treated to views of the Park. You can take a boat tour into the park from Seward. Make your reservations in advance.

You will be seeing Marine wildlife in the protected fjords in the park, glaciers and taking in the fresh air. There are tour companies in the area that can take you hiking fishing and help you to discover the wilderness areas.

Alaska will capture your heart and you will be planning your next Alaska Adventure before you leave.

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