Koloiki Ridge of Lanai Hawaii

Posted by ADVENTUR on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Koloiki Ridge hiking trail is a five-mile loop that leads you through lovely dense forests and into fantastic views of remote valleys, the Pacific and the island of Molokai and Maui. This hiking trail also unveils some of the most picturesque sections of the Munro Trail. It takes about three hours to reach the end of the trail and the same on the return trek. But these hours are worthwhile as this is one of the most amazing hiking trails on the island of Lanai.

The trail starts behind the Lodge at Koele. Here, you will find a paved path that goes to the golf clubhouse. When you reach the end of this path, you will see a signpost that indicates a track that goes uphill, passing through a bunch of Norfolk Island pines, appropriately named "The Cathedral of Trees." One great thing about the Koloiki trail is all of its key points are well marked, which makes it highly improbable for beginner hikers to get lost.

The trail is perfect for leisure hikers. And perhaps, the most difficult part is conquering the steep hill. In fact, this spot can be dangerous when it rains heavily. But on normal days, reaching the hilltop is very much a possibility. Once here, you will find a bench with a plaque that bears Rudyard Kipling's poem entitled "If". Once you reach this part, don't leave immediately as the view from here is simply beautiful and worth contemplating. After taking some time appreciating the scenery and the serenity, you will continue your journey to the hillside, going to the top of pass and through guava trees.

After passing through the guava trees, expect to encounter a dirt road. Although "abandoned" may seem to properly describe the look and feel of this road; it is actually far from the truth. The dirt road is actually popular to off roaders who love to tackle the single-lane track. Turning left on this road, lets you intersect with the Munro Trail, which is one of the most prominent trails on the island.

You will then be passing through some candle nut trees called kukui before you reach your destination, the Koloiki Ridge. But before you reach the ridge area, take a breather and enjoy the natural surroundings. From here, you will most probably smell and hear the ocean amidst the rustling of the leaves and the chirping of birds. Then, congratulate yourself as you have made it to the iconic ridge, and will be rewarded generously with breathtaking views. A perfect photo opportunity!

To stand on top of the Koloiki Ridge is a fitting climax to an epic hiking trip. The ridge stretches to the ocean as if it was trying to embrace it with all its might. It separates the Naio and Maunalei Gulches, which are on the left and right side respectively. The Naio Gulch is home to nicely scented wood called Naio trees, while the Maunalei Gulch is where taro was cultivated by ancient Hawaiians. Taro eventually became a staple of the Hawaiian diet and can still be sampled on the islands today.

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